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The Supreme Bucket List for Summer 2022 | The Treasury of the People

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

What do you want to do before you die? Sitting and writing down all of what we want to accomplish in our lives can be daunting. Yet, having goals can make us feel productive and lead to our happiness.

There’s no need to feel overwhelmed, though. You can create a list of goals of things you want to do based on a new calendar year or season.

We all make plans we often forget about, but according to this Forbes article, writing down a list of your goals is an excellent way of achieving them. The more detailed, the better.

It’s almost vacation season. Why not plan out your summer with a bucket list? Your list can be both silly or severe, small or big. Whatever fits you and your lifestyle, the better.

There’s a misconception that a bucket list is just something to check off on a piece of paper. There’s more to it. But before we talk about that, what is a bucket list?


What Is a Bucket List?

A bucket list lists things you want to do before “kicking the bucket.” Having one prioritizes your most important goals and motivates you to tackle new experiences you may otherwise be putting off.

With summer beginning on June 21, 2022, there’s no greater time to write down some bucket list ideas for summer. Grab a pen and paper, and jot down some ideas such as activities, vacations, or hobbies you want to experience this year.

A bucket list doesn’t have to be extravagant. Think of it as more of a list of activities you never had the time to accomplish. What would you put on it?

Maybe you want to create a bucket list, but you may be at a loss of what to put on it. This article will outline ideas you can do with your friends and family.


Misconceptions of A Bucket List

As mentioned earlier, there are misconceptions about bucket lists. It’s not just something to check off. There’s a certain happiness in knowing we accomplished a task or activity we set out to do.

Think of your bucket list as a wish list of your heart’s desire. Whether it’s something small, life-altering, or just wanting to learn a new hobby, this is the time to do it!

Some people create a bucket list without necessarily attempting to get to everything on it. Still, there’s no reason to try!

Remember, the more detailed our goals and plans are, the better chance we have of bringing them to fruition. Let’s look at an example:

  • Example 1: Person A always wanted to visit Hawaii. They fantasize about it but never follow through with an actionable plan.

  • Example 2: Person B always wanted to visit Hawaii. He decides on what island to visit, budgets out how much he will need for a round trip, and looks for activities for tourists. Lastly, he researches hotels in the area and then plans accordingly.

Who is more likely to cross (visit Hawaii) this off their list? An effective plan is sure to lead to success.

A new season brings fresh opportunities! So, what are some things you can tackle this summer? We curated over 20 activities and hobbies you can do this summer in the following section!


Bucket List Summer Ideas

We’re going to break down our bucket summer list into three main categories. Hopefully, this list can get your creativity flowing and out of the house. The things on the list aren’t all exclusive for summer. Moreso, the activities and hobbies are just something new to try.


Take a road trip

Decide on your location. Don’t go somewhere too far if it’s your first road trip. Know the route you’re taking and use Google Maps or another GPS app to track your progress. Be careful. These can be a bit unreliable.


Plant a garden

According to this article, gardening has physical benefits, including heart health. Also, growing fruits and vegetables boosts your health as you have fresh produce. If you live in the city, you can still grow your vegetables like:

  • Squash

  • Eggplant

  • Tomato

  • Onions

  • Spinach


Visit the beach

Surf therapy is real. Many go to the beach for a change of scenery. Basking in the sun can improve mood. The beach can reduce stress and relieve symptoms of anxiety.



Like the beach, camping has the same benefits as the beach. Unplug from technology and explore the peace of the outdoors. Camping is more affordable.


Go Canoeing

Whether canoeing or kayaking, paddling is a great skill to foster. It builds community as you can visit boathouses, join a team, or sign up for a membership. It can also be an excellent solo activity.



What’s better than being under a clear sky? Being under thousands of stars can relieve stress and stir creativity. Simply put, it’s mesmerizing. It’s the ultimate connection to nature.


Have an outdoor potluck

Grab some friends and throw a party! If you’re looking for some ideas, this article has sixty recipe ideas to get you going!


Volunteer at your local animal shelter

Animal shelters provide a safe haven for misplaced animals. Animal shelters improve pet health and are there when natural disasters hit. You can help animals find forever homes. Also, if you have kids, it can be a great family bonding activity during summer break.


Have a water balloon fight

What kid (and adult) doesn’t love a good water balloon fight? This is the perfect cool-down game to play during summer.


Journal your summer

Having a journal is a glimpse into who you were at a specific time in your life. If you want to make your summer memorable, reading back about what you did, who you spent your time with, and encapsulating emotions of the past can bring feelings of nostalgia. Research shows that nostalgia can “boost optimism, spark inspiration, and foster creativity.”


Throw a summer-themed party

Everyone loves a good theme, regardless of what kind of party you’re throwing! Some ideas include pool, beach, or luau party.


Make summery treats

The summer is the perfect time to dream up refreshing recipes. Some ideas include:

  • Watermelon

  • Ice Cream

  • Snowcone

  • Fruit Salad

  • Rainbow Fruit Kabob

  • Frozen Yogurt

  • Fruit Smoothie

  • Root Beer Float


Visit a farmers’ market

Like gardening, buying fruits and vegetables at a farmer’s market gives you access to fresh, affordable produce. You also support your local farmers. The animals the farmers sell for meat are in better living conditions than on large poultry farms.


Play volleyball

Playing volleyball can increase cardiovascular health. The game also improves focus and concentration. One has to pay attention to a lot when playing volleyball, such as teammates’ positions and proper coordination.


Watch the sunset

Watching the sunset helps us appreciate the world around us. According to Science Daily, being in awe of nature’s beauty helps us feel more profound gratitude and boost our well-being.


Go wine tasting

If you’re looking to expand your palette, going to a wine tasting can do just that. Discover new preferences and try something new!


Go horseback riding

Horseback riding is a fun activity for adults and children alike! Call your local stables and check it out. Who knows, you may find it an incredible experience.


Make a tie-dye shirt

This is especially fun for kids! All you need is:

  • A Tie-Dye Kit

  • Rubber Bands

  • Latex Gloves

You can also research how to make different patterns and use the colors of your choice!


Read a new book series

Many want to read but find it difficult to squeeze it into their schedules. Like lifting weights exercises your muscles, reading exercises your brain. Also, regularly reading books improves vocabulary and strengthens your writing.


Go mini-golfing

Mini golfing is another excellent family-friendly activity with the kids. It teaches kids sportsmanship, and it’s easy to get the hang of it.


Set up a lemonade stand

Another activity for kids is setting up a lemonade stand to teach kids entrepreneurship and finance management. Also, kids will have fun decorating their stands and spreading the word.


Create and fly kites

Creating your kite is pretty simple and something every kid should experience. You can make a kite from used newspapers or a plastic bag. What else you’ll need:

  • Two Wooden Dowels

  • Tape

  • Twine

  • Kite String or Fishing Line

Your kids will have a blast!



If you’re not afraid of heights, ziplining is an exhilarating experience. Many ziplining sites are in beautiful surroundings. So not only are you doing something new, but you’re surrounded by pure beauty.


Throw a DIY carnival

Invite over your kid’s friends, set up games, and pick prizes for your very own homemade carnival. Some game ideas include:

  • Bean Bag Toss

  • Balloon Darts

  • Ring Toss

  • Spray Away

  • Plinko


Final Thoughts

Summer is the time to relax and have some fun! What are you waiting for? Get started on your bucket list today. These ideas will help get you started but don’t forget to be creative and add your own personal touches. Which of these items are you most excited to do this summer?


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